About Me

Abandoned buildings have fascinated me for as long as I can remember. On family trips from Colorado to California, I would always stare in wonder at the assortment of fallen down, forgotten wooden structures we would drive past in the mountains. Tales of forgotten ghost towns and lost treasures just fanned the flame of exploration that I was born with.

 It wasn't until 2013 that I really embraced my spirit for exploring abandoned places. Up until that time, I had contented myself to reading about abandoned places and watching the occasional adventure TV show that would feature such a place. It wasn't until a late night talk with one of my best friends that I discovered the incredible hobby known as urban exploration, and I jumped in with both feet.

 Being a passionate and professional photographer and videographer, I decided to combine my love of exploring with my love of being behind a camera. My purpose of going to abandoned places is twofold. Firstly, so that I can experience and see the location for myself and secondly, to document these places in high quality so as to preserve their memory and history for generations to come. 

Through my Uncharted Sights blog, I hope to show you locations in a new light. I will thoroughly research each location I post to provide the most in depth and accurate history of the place that I can. I will also post a series of my own high quality photos of each location for you to enjoy and experience for yourself. I will also include historic photos if I can find them, as well as links to other websites with excellent articles on the location as well.

 Thank you for joining with me on my journey to explore and document the forgotten places that hide in our world.

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